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Breast Lumps Homeopathy Specialty Medicines Treatment in Pondicherry

Breast Lumps
Most common causes of Breast Lumps include: -
  1. Fibroadenoma
  2. Fibroadenosis
  3. Breast Cyst
  4. Breast Abscess
  5. Breast Cancer

Breast Fibroadenomas:
  • This is a benign group of cells that support other kinds of cells in your breast.
  • These are made of fibrous and glandular tissues.
  • This will feel like a round breast lump, and can be hard or firm.
  • It can be moved around during a breast self-exam.
  • These can be located near the surface of the breast and are easily felt.

  • Fibroadenosis also known by other names such as fibrocystic disease of breast or mammary dysplasia or chronic cystic mastitis.
  • The usual common presentation is as a breast lump or pain in the breast (mastalgia). The pain or lump may occur just before the menstrual periods and then disappear.
  • Sometimes it is not so much lump but an induaration or nodularity of the breast.
  • This cyclical presentation is due to the influence of the sex hormones on the breast tissue of the women.

Breast cysts
  • These are fluid-filled, tiny sacs within the breast tissue and are benign.
  • They are very common, especially over the age of 35.
  • These cysts often vary in size during the menstrual cycle and may be tender.
  • They feel like soft grapes or small water-filled balloon and are often seen on mammograms and if large maybe palpable as distinct soft lumps on self examination.

Breast Abscess and Mastitis
  • A lump that is painful and presenting in lactating women is generally an abscess.
  • The actual lump of the abscess is preceeded by redness and inflammation of the skin and the tissue over the area of the breast and is called mastitis.
  • The lumps of abscess are usually tender, smooth, round and sometimes movable.
  • An abscess is nothing but a pus-filled space that form under the skin due to bacterial infection.

Breast Cancer:
  • A malignant lump that is made of abnormal breast tissue cells, growing in an uncontrolled way.
  • A malignant breast lump will have an irregular shape (not round) with a pebbly surface, somewhat like a golf ball. It will be very hard, like a slice of raw carrot.
  • It may not be movable during a breast self-exam, but since tissue around it may move, it's sometimes hard to know if the lump is moving, or if healthy tissue around it is moving.
  • A clinical breast exam and a mammogram will help to clear up the diagnosis.
  • A needle biopsy would provide more information about the lump.
  • Breast cancer can be located near the surface, or deeper inside the breast, close to the chest wall.
  • It can also occur in the armpit area, where there is more breast tissue.

Symptomatic Homeopathy medicine treatment may helps for Breast lumps. Please note only few lumps will be malignant, while the other lumps are benign.
According to the signs and symptoms based under homeopathic miasms homeopathy medicines works well in breast lump cases,.

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