Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Travel Medical Kit

First Aid Supplies
  • band aids, gauze wraps, tape, duct tape, steri-strips, ace wrap
  • mole skin, safety pins, tweezers, small scissors, cotton tip applicators, magnifying glass, multi knife tool (Swiss Army knife), matches
  • bar of soap or hand sanitizer, disinfectant for cuts/scrapes , sealable plastic bags, non latex gloves
  • thermometer (digital or non glass)
  • addresses/phone numbers local hospitals/clinics
  • address/phone number for personal primary care clinician
  • insurance card with phone numbers
  • The Pocket Doctor: A Passport to Healthy Travel by Steve Bezrucha, MD or other first aid Manuel
  • syringe kit (for long term stays in some countries)
Insect/Animal Protection
  • insect repellent (35% DEET), insect spray
  • permethrin spray (20% or higher)
  • mosquito netting (pretreated)
Heat/Sun Protection
  • sunscreen, SPF > 30
  • Plastic water bottle
  • Hat, sunglasses + extra pair
Water Purification
  • Iodine, chemical purifiers
  • heating coil and/or filter
  • Personal prescriptions
    • adequate supply of medication/each in individual storage containers
    • extra contraceptives including condoms
    • copy of each prescription
    • generic names of all medications
    • Epipen epinephrine auto injector (if indicated)
  • Travel prescriptions
    • anti-malarial, anti-diarrhea, altitude sickness prevention, motion sickness prevention (patch)
  • Topical medications
    • lubricating eye drops
    • nasal sprays
    • vaginal yeast medication
    • antifungal ointment/powder
    • hydrocortisone cream 1 %
    • antibiotic ointment
  • OTC medications
    • analgesics/anti-inflammatory (paracetamol, Brufen)
    • antacids (Digine, Gelusil)
    • antihistamines (for allergic reactions)
    • decongestants –Nose block;
    • cough suppressants 
    • anti-constipation
    • stool softener,
    • anti-diarrheal
    • oral rehydration solution in packets
    • vitamins
Other Items
  • extra eyeglasses, copy of prescription
  • contact lenses, cleaning/wetting solutions
  • dental care / floss
  • feminine hygiene supplies
  • toilet paper/ facial tissues in small packets         
  • condoms     
  • flashlight and batteries (LED only)
  • electrical plug adapter; current converter
  • hand cleansers in small packets

Happy Traveling 

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