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Human Papilloma Virus - HPV Homeopathy Treatment in Chennai, Tamil nadu,

Human Papilloma Virus - HPV Infection Homeopathy Specialty Treatment 

Human Papilloma Virus - HPV
Genital Human Papilloma Virus also called HPV  is the most common sexually transmitted infection  - STI. These HPV types can also infect the mouth and throat. Most people who become infected with HPV do not know they have it. HPV is not the same as herpes or HIV - the virus that causes AIDS. These are all viruses that can be passed on during sex, but they cause different symptoms and health problems.

Different types of HPV infection can cause warts on different parts of your body. For example, some types of HPV infection cause plantar warts on the feet, while other varieties of HPV infection are responsible for the warts that most commonly occur on the hands or face.

Genital warts: Genital warts may appear as flat lesions, small cauliflower-like bumps or tiny stem-like protrusions. In women, genital warts appear most commonly on the vulva but may also occur near the anus, on the cervix or in the vagina. In men, genital warts may appear on the penis and scrotum or around the anus. Genital warts rarely cause discomfort or pain.

Common warts: Common warts appear as rough, raised bumps that usually occur on the hands, fingers or around fingernails.

Plantar warts: Plantar warts are hard, grainy growths that usually appear on the heels or balls of your feet, areas that feel the most pressure. These warts may cause discomfort or pain.

Flat warts: Flat warts are flat-topped, slightly raised lesions darker than your regular skin color. They usually appear on your face, neck, hands, wrists, elbows or knees. HPV infections that cause flat warts usually affect children, adolescents and young adults.

Homeopathy Treatment
Homeopathy medicines treatment works well in Human Papilloma Virus HPV, with out any side effect,

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