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Procrastination Psychological Counseling in Velachery, Chennai,

Procrastinators are people who put off what’s in their best interest to complete. If you replace high priority tasks with low ones, or otherwise "waste time" by watching TV, playing on the Net, talking on the phone, or hanging out with friends, many students who procrastinate during college.
People who put things off may have one or more of these traits:
  • Lack a realistic sense of time; they think there’s more than there really is
  • See the task as bigger than it is
  • Want someone else to be responsible (there’s no one to tell them to study, pick up, finish a task, or get their act together; it’s completely up to them)
  • Become paralyzed in face of their own high standards
  • Procrastinate to hide fears of anticipated failure or loss of control
  • Like the last-minute excitement of not having quite enough time and/or the feeling of excessive caffeine and not enough sleep
Although procrastination seems harmless and is often joked about, putting things off can have serious consequences. These may include:
  • Incomplete or failed classes
  • Losing professors’ trust
  • Missing opportunities; losing jobs
  • Fines and other financial difficulties
  • More entrenched psychological or medical problems
  • More stress
  • Poor performance, resulting in self deprecation, doubt, and frustration

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