Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yellow Nail Syndrome Treatment

Yellow Nail Syndrome
Yellow nail syndrome is a medical condition which includes the pleural effusions, lymphoedema, discoloration of the nails.

The exact cause of the yellow nail syndrome is not yet known though it is usually associated with patients with bronchiectasis, kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid disease and psoriasis.
It may even be caused by ingestion of arsenic poison or by an injury where there is crushing if the base of the nail and where the nail is exposed to nail polish for a long time.

Symptoms and Signs:
Symptoms includes the swelling of the blocked or damaged lymphatic system. Usually it is manifests through the yellowish colour of the nails.

Diagnosis mainly depends on the symptoms as they manifests and usually includes x-rays, blood tests, or examination of the nail part that is affected in the laboratory

Symptomatic treatment advised by expert physician


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