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  1. Relieves Diarrhea & Dysentery: Astringents, in guava, are alkaline in nature and have disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties, inhibiting microbial growth and removing extra mucus from the intestines. Other nutrients such as vitamin-C, Carotenoids and potassium, strengthen and tone the Digestive system..
  2. Eye Care: Vitamin A or retinol slows down the appearance of cataracts, macular degeneration, and prevents degradation of eyesight and night blindness.
  3. Brain Health: Guavas contain Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6 (niacin and pyridoxine), which helps in improving blood circulation to the brain, relaxing your nerves and stimulating cognitive function.
  4. Regulates thyroid: Guavas contain the trace element Copper which regulates thyroid metabolism, helping to control hormone production and absorption.
  5. Diabetics cure: Rich in fibre and with a low glycaemic index, guavas, help to regulate the absorption of sugar by the body and can be consumed for prevention and cure of  Type 2 Diabetes..
  6. Effective LaxativeConstipation is caused when food is stuck in our colon. Guava, super rich in fibre, aids the body in retaining water and thoroughly cleaning your intestines and excretory system.
  7. Nervous Relaxant: Guava is Magnesium food  which acts as a nervous relaxant. It helps to relax muscles and nerves of the body.
  8. For pregnant mothers: Guavas contain Folic acid, or Vitamin B-9, which is recommended for Pregnant Women since it can help in developing the foetus’s nervous system and protect the newborn from neurological disorders.
  9. For Fertility: Guavas contain good amount of Folate which help to Boost fertility in humans.
  10. Speeds Absorption:  Being rich in Manganese, Guavas help the body in quick absorption of key nutrients like biotin, vitamins, minerals from the food that we eat.
  11. Immunity Booster: Vitamin C provides a huge boost in antioxidants, which are the major lines of defense against the proliferation of free radicals in the body.
  12. Infection Control:Relieves coughs and colds by reducing mucus, disinfecting the respiratory tract, throat and lungs, and inhibiting microbial activity with its astringent properties.
  13. Aids Weight lossGuava is very rich in vitamins, proteins, fibre and minerals and has no cholesterol and a very low number of digestible carbohydrates.
  14. Cancer Cure: Being rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants like Lycopene, eating guavas can protect your cells from damage and reduce chances of prostate, breast, and oral cancers.
  15. Skin Care: Vitamins, minerals and nutrients, in conjunction with Guava’s astringent property, help keep your skin toned, hydrated, improves elasticity, removes blemishes, acne, dark spots, blackheads, wrinkles and pimples.
  16. Scurvy BusterA deficiency of vitamin-C can cause scurvy, and proper intake of super vitamin-C rich guavas are the best remedy for this dangerous disease.
  17. Anti-ageing: Guavas are rich in Vitamin A, B, C and potassium which are good antioxidants and detoxifiers. Lycopene and carotene protect the healthy cells from toxins and UV rays rendering your skin wrinkles free.
  18. Blood pressure Stabilizer: Potassium in Guava helps To Reduce Cholestrol  in the blood and prevents it from thickening, thereby maintaining the fluidity of blood and reducing blood pressure.
  19. Combats Hair Loss: Rich in vitamin C, guava helps promote healthy hair growth. It also Helps in Combating hair loss problems..
  20. Oral Care The juice of guava leaves has been known to cure toothaches, swollen gums & oral ulcers, and the juice speeds up the Healing power of wounds when applied externally.


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