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Constitutional Psychological counseling and Homeopathy Treatment for Stress in velachery

 Stress, மன அழுத்தம்

Stress is your body's way of responding to any kind of demand. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences. When people feel stressed by something going on around them, their bodies react by releasing chemicals into the blood. These chemicals give people more energy and strength, which can be a good thing if their stress is caused by physical danger. But this can also be a bad thing, if their stress is in response to something emotional and there is no outlet for this extra energy and strength. This class will discuss different causes of stress, how stress affects you, the difference between 'good' or 'positive' stress and 'bad' or 'negative' stress, and some common facts about how stress affects people today.

Stress symptoms:
Emotional symptoms of stress include:
ü  Becoming easily agitated, frustrated and moody
ü  Feeling overwhelmed, like you are losing control or need to take control
ü  Having difficulty relaxing and quieting your mind
ü  Feeling bad about yourself (low self-esteem), lonely, worthless and depressed
ü  Avoiding others.

Physical symptoms of stress include:
ü  Low energy
ü  Headaches
ü  Upset stomach, including diarrhoea, constipation and nausea
ü  Aches, pains, and tense muscles
ü  Chest pain and rapid heartbeat
ü  Insomnia
ü  Frequent colds and infections
ü  Loss of sexual desire and/or ability
ü  Nervousness and shaking, ringing in the ear
ü  Cold or sweaty hands and feet
ü  Excess sweating
ü  Dry mouth and difficulty swallowing
ü  Clenched jaw and grinding teeth.

Counseling and Treatment
Psychological counseling and Homeopathy treatment helps for Stress. And helps to prevent further recurrence also.

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