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Neck Pain Specialty Homeopathy Treatment at Velachery, Chennai, Pondicherry, Cuddalore, Villupuram, Tamilnadu,

Neck Pain
Neck pain is a medical condition where there is an acute and chronic pain in the neck which may be caused by poor posture.

Neck pain is said to be caused by different causes which may includes muscle strains, worn joint, injuries and even disk disorder whereby the cushioning disk in between the bones herniated thereby making it dry and stiff.

Symptoms and Signs
Symptoms include pain and stiffness in the neck which may often be sharp and dull, back pain, and shoulder pain.

Diagnosis includes physical examination and undergoing imaging tests such as X-ray, Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI, computerized tomography or CT Scan and electromyography or EMG.

Treatment includes symptomatic Homeopathy medicines along with, resting and stretching including neck exercise.

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