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Obesity Weight Gaining Homeopathy Treatment in Velachery, Chennai, உடல் எடை குறைய

Obesity is a clinical weight condition in which the body has 20 percent more weight than the recommended weight relative the individual's height, which results in such illness as diabetes and heart disease.

Genetic, Diet habits and environmental factors are the main cause of obesity.

Symptoms and Signs
The patient has more than the required body mass index in reference to his or her height and weight. The patient also has a large body frame and has difficulty even doing daily activities, feels lethargic and often breathless.

To diagnose individuals for obesity, doctors evaluate each person's BMI and waist circumference, behaviours like smoking or stressful activities that negatively impacts health, and family and medical history. These factors help the doctors' diagnosis and assessment of implications to respective patients and make recommendations on how to treat the condition.

Obese patients are presented with various approaches to treat their condition. Depending on an individual's physician, symptomatic homeopathy medicines, dietary changes, or exercise programs may be suggested where appropriate. Obese patients must make changes to their lifestyle in order to keep off excess weight. Such changes may include changing your eating habits. Homeopathy medicines works well for Obesity without side effect.

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